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#SheWins 2

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Domestic abuse thrives in secrecy and attempts to crush the spirit of its victims. But not all victims remain defeated. Hearing the stories of those who survived and triumphed can be a lifeline to those still trapped in abusive relationships — and an inspiration to us all.

The response to Alisa Divine’s first book, #SheWins, was moving and powerful. The book earned acclaim as an Award-winner in 2020 from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards. And more women wanted to share their stories.

#SheWins 2 follows the same format as Alisa’s first book. Each chapter begins with black and white portraits depicting the emotion of abuse. Each chapter ends with victory and full-color portraits to celebrate the victims’ irrepressible spirits. Despite the atrocities the women suffered, they insisted on perseverance and overcame.

To end domestic abuse, we have to expose it, shed light on it. Together — we must take responsibility, open the conversation, and provide education and resources. Together — we can encourage more women to stand up, speak out and get the help they need to survive, heal and thrive.